coordinatings in a sentence

"coordinatings" in Chinese  
  1. "It's been difficult to coordinate ."
  2. A graphically snazzy piece of software called MediaPilot coordinates the system.
  3. If it is coordinated, it really is duplicitous and hypocritical,
  4. There's no way we could've coordinated this.
  5. The speech is being coordinated by three moderates in his entourage.
  6. It's difficult to find coordinatings in a sentence.
  7. The launch was also coordinated by the Atlanta Paralympic Organizing Committee.
  8. The press was expected to cooperate and coordinate with official policy.
  9. Hill, Juwan Howard and Kidd had to coordinate their schedules.
  10. The United Nations " will coordinate the return of refugees.
  11. The GPS units operate on latitude / longitude or UTM coordinates.
  12. Still, most analysts dismissed the potential for coordinated dollar purchases.
  13. And they've made an art of coordinating their schedules.
  14. The 12-member staff coordinates about 12 events a month.
  15. It would be difficult to boost the dollar without coordinated intervention,
  16. It coordinates federal development with local, regional and state agencies.
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