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  1. Having coordinated office Oscar pools for " something like 27 years,"
  2. The statement described her duties as " coordinating office operations ."
  3. They said Israel on Saturday closed the District Coordinating Office in the Gaza Strip.
  4. It is headquartered in Mexico City and has eight regional coordinating offices throughout Mexico.
  5. This month, NASA established a near-Earth object coordinating office at California's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
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  7. The Somali Flood Response Coordinating office said 210, 000 people have been forced from their homes.
  8. "It's a glitch, " said Cho Kay Hyun, an adviser in the group's planning and coordinating office.
  9. The road to the monastery passes one of the coordinating offices between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.
  10. Actions are planned for Thursday in more than 200 cities, said Uwe Kantelhardt of the jobless groups'central coordinating office.
  11. Palestinian police handed the bodies over to the Israeli military at the District Coordinating Office, where both sides have representatives.
  12. Israeli and Palestinian officials will mark the day Wednesday by opening a district coordinating office on the outskirts of Jenin.
  13. According to the National Day of Prayer coordinating office, about 40, 000 volunteers have put together 15, 000 local events.
  14. In 2007, the Defense Industry Coordinating Office was renamed Defense Industry Sector and put under the Ministry of National Defense.
  15. He said the central drought relief coordinating office would be revamped to improve communications between the provinces and the national government.
  16. The provincial disaster coordinating office said authorities were setting up emergency shelters and evacuating villages within 4 miles of the volcano.
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