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  1. Consequently, the need for each discrete coordinate movement is reduced to minimal levels.
  2. This explains the coordinated movements of elephants, which had puzzled researchers for years.
  3. The Romans were kept in small groups, unable to perform any coordinated movement.
  4. These in turn are transformed into complex and coordinated movements in the body.
  5. _Coordinating movement of drugs in remote areas between ports of entry.
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  7. By halftime, Andover, with its coordinated movement and ball control, had jumped ahead, 8-2.
  8. The European influence shows in songs that involve coordinated movement, such as Seattle ".
  9. The action of each coordinated movement is synergistic, magnifying and potentiating all the others.
  10. Synapses also are the principal means by which the brain records memory and coordinates movement.
  11. Important for good mucociliary clearance are the number of cilia, their structure, activity, and coordinated movement.
  12. Ocular dysmetria indicates lesions in the cerebellum, which is the brain region responsible for coordinating movement.
  13. Several areas in the brain coordinate movement and position with the feedback information gained from proprioception.
  14. A shortage of dopamine _ the main neurotransmitter involved in coordinating movement _ leads to Parkinson's disease.
  15. RAN works in close alliance with an increasingly well coordinated movement of NGOs ( non-governmental organizations ).
  16. The most well-known of these is multiple sclerosis, in which the breakdown of myelin impairs coordinated movement.
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