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  1. A stand sells lassi, the cooling yogurt drink of India.
  2. Mine was way in the back, near the cooling fan.
  3. Several hours later, the repaired cooling pipe again broke loose.
  4. The gas absorbs heat from the adjacent area, cooling it.
  5. Signs that U . S . economic growth is cooling abound.
  6. It's difficult to find cooling in a sentence.
  7. The water splashes off the roof and creates a cooling spray.
  8. Another form of cooling is caused by a process called conduction.
  9. Total time : 30 minutes, including cooling 1 tablespoon softened butter
  10. Low-level cooling retards updrafts of air that generate thunderstorms.
  11. The firing and the cooling require seven to nine days each.
  12. I said _ and today they provide cooling shade in summer.
  13. Another option was to increase the cooling capacity of the pools.
  14. As a result radio stocks are cooling, at least slightly.
  15. Total time : 45 minutes, plus about an hour for cooling
  16. This is a situation that needs a cooling-off period.
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