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  1. That shows real estate markets could be cooling after the strongest sales year in two decades.
  2. And from what I've heard, Europe may well see significant cooling after enough ice in Greenland melts.
  3. Analysts say the index hasn't risen more because Singapore's economy is cooling after growing more than 10 percent a year in 1993-1994.
  4. The employment data released on Friday reinforced the belief that the economy is cooling after six rate increases by the Federal Reserve.
  5. This was instead of Qatar Airways due to rotor bow, or thermal bowing, due to asymmetrical cooling after shut-down on the previous flight.
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  7. MARKET COOLS-Worcester's peculiar ( and historic ) three-decker housing market shows signs of cooling after several years of rising prices and rocketing sales.
  8. Frost will be common again Sunday night over much of the region as clear skies and light winds promote rapid cooling after sunset.
  9. His medical interests include : CPR, brain ischemia, neurologic monitoring of high risk patients, brain cooling after trauma or cardiac arrest, congenital heart disease.
  10. Earth was gradually cooling after the late Paleocene, and over a period spanning the Eocene / Oligocene boundary, a dramatic climatic cooling event occurred.
  11. The surface plating tended to crack and flake away around the exhaust port, blamed by GM engineers on sudden cooling after hard, hot running.
  12. Scattered frost will occur in parts of the interior Northeast on Tuesday night as calm winds and clear skies promote rapid cooling after sunset.
  13. In fact, the big Prince came at a time when the craze in town-court tennis was cooling after the Jimmy Conners / Chrissie Evert years.
  14. The survey results indicate the economy is cooling after three years of rapid growth yet not as fast as many analysts had previously feared, economists said.
  15. Without the help of OMV AG, whose shares are cooling after a 22 percent rise from January to June, Vienna's share index this month is languishing.
  16. With the glamour group of Tiger Woods and Ernie Els cooling after a fast start, the leaderboard was crowded Thursday in the weather-delayed opening round of the PGA Championship.
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