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  1. Consequently, COOB'92 never experienced the financial stress that ACOG has.
  2. His name was derived from the Barcelona Olympic Organising Committee ( COOB ).
  3. Only after COOB's revenues began to comfortably outdistance expenditures did the committee decide to construct any venues.
  4. COOB insisted that such a system be implemented to ensure the sport at the Paralympic Games was serious and competitive, instead of recreational.
  5. Botello was a key executive with COOB'92, Barcelona's Olympics committee, and has more than a passing interest in Atlanta's progress.
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  7. "For us, this would have been unthinkable, " says Miquel Botello, a planning executive with the Barcelona Olympic committee, COOB'92.
  8. In 1986, Barcelona was chosen to host the 1992 Summer Olympics Accordingly, the city's mayorPasqual Maragallpresided over the organising committee ( COOB'92 ).
  9. This came to a head at the November 1989 meeting of the Barcelona Olympics Organising Committee ( " Comite Organitzador Olimpic Barcelona "-COOB ), when a discussion started about what events and classifications should be eligible for the Games.

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