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  1. Roughly 20 percent of convulsive seizures begin as partial seizures.
  2. It causes loss of muscle control, convulsive seizures, respiratory paralysis and almost certain death.
  3. More than 2 million Americans suffer from epilepsy, a nervous system disorder that causes convulsive seizures.
  4. In the presence of amphetamine, propoxyphene overdose will increase CNS stimulation and may cause fatal convulsive seizures.
  5. He is also working with Biolert LTD from Israel to develop a watch sensor to detect convulsive seizures.
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  7. During the flight, Robbie has a prolonged convulsive seizure, which causes some concern to the pilot and crew.
  8. At one point, Robbie goes into status epilepticus ( a continuous convulsive seizure that must be stopped as a medical emergency ).
  9. It has shown to reduce the frequency of absence seizures, though there have been some cases in which it worsened convulsive seizures.
  10. Partial seizures can progress to encompass the entire brain, potentially leading to a full-body, convulsive seizure, known as a " tonic-clonic seizure ."
  11. The movement of my convulsive seizures cue him to press a button, connect to a company via modem, until he hears a high-pitched whine.
  12. While she suspects she may have had seizures since birth, she had her first full-body convulsive seizure while doing a gymnastic vault at school when she was 10.
  13. Carotid sinus syndrome is a temporary loss of consciousness that sometimes accompanies convulsive seizures because of the intensity of the carotid sinus reflex when pressure builds in one or both carotid sinuses.
  14. Myth : If someone is having a convulsive seizure, you should insert an object, such as a spoon or your finger, into the person's mouth to prevent him or her from swallowing the tongue.
  15. Within 3 months the children had developed  ataxia, agitation, visual impairment, and impaired consciousness .  When born, baby Michael was severely neurologically impaired, blind, subject to convulsive seizures, and only minimally aware of his environment.
  16. In 1998, during Season 4, Kerry was briefly debilitated when an explosion at chemical plant sent victims flooding in, creating a toxic benzene spill in the ER . Weaver suffered a convulsive seizure from the effects of the toxins.
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