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  1. Contingency is included in budgets as a control account.
  2. There is a password-protected Parental Control Account for parents to set account parameters.
  3. The result is that no control accounts are required and no transfers to other ledger books.
  4. In common use, control accounts refer to those that would, under ideal circumstances, balance to zero.
  5. The intelligence agency believes Milosevic also controls accounts in Russia, China, Cyprus, Greece, South Africa and Lebanon.
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  7. Money from the fines would be put into local pollution-control accounts and used to reduce emissions elsewhere, Witherspoon said.
  8. Second, both legislators and the public distrust the reserve control account, fearing that it might be used for political purposes.
  9. There is no requirement for you to reconcile control accounts, and no opportunity for your system to be out of balance.
  10. Under the oil measure, the proposed buffer fund will be sourced from the President's reserve control account ( RCA ).
  11. Part of the so-called pork funds would come from the P50 billion reserve control account of the Office of the President.
  12. The P2.9 billion buffer fund, under the bicameral report, will be sourced from the President's reserve control account.
  13. It will no longer be mandatory for the President to source the buffer fund for oil subsidy from his reserve control account or RCA as earlier proposed.
  14. This development further exacerbated the problem of rice oversupply, leading to a huge rice stock and creating great deficits in the government's foodstuff control account.
  15. If the discrepancy is significant, then actions such as stock counts can be triggered in order to validate stock and correct the balance sheet and clear the control account.
  16. Under the House-approved version of the new oil deregulation law, the money would come from the President's very own kitty, the shadowy Reserve Control Account.
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