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  1. This is due to a reduction in the melanin content of the contour feathers.
  2. By 12 days old, contour feathers are well developed in areas except for the head.
  3. The type species, " I . viai ", is known only from a collection of isolated contour feathers.
  4. Pale flecking on the feather shafts sometimes result in barred appearance on the contour feathers of the nape, back and upper wing.
  5. The type species, " C . sarysuensis ", is known only from an isolated of isolated, asymmetrical contour feather.
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  7. The only difference between SF and DF birds is in the colour of the afterfeather and shaft ( see Feather ) of the contour feathers.
  8. Flight feathers comprising primary remiges, secondary remiges, and tail retrices are preserved on the London specimen, though no contour feathers are documented.
  9. The feathers are not preserved well enough to show a specific structure, but they appear similar to the contour feathers of some Yixian Formation birds.
  10. In the second moult, white down begins to return when the chicks are seven weeks old, followed by white semi-plumes then white contour feathers.
  11. Their flight and contour feathers are much like those of other cormorants, but their body feathers are much thicker, softer, denser, and more hair-like.
  12. Multiple fossils of " Microraptor " preserve pennaceous, vaned feathers like those of modern birds on the arms, legs, and tail, along with covert and contour feathers.
  13. In the green series the Ino is known as the Lutino, with pure yellow contour feathers, white or pale yellow flight feathers and tail feathers and silvery-white cheek patches.
  14. For instance, large contour feathers with specific arrangements arose as an adaptation for catching insects more successfully, which eventually led to flight, since the larger feathers served better for that purpose.
  15. Just over 10 days later, black flight feathers shortly followed by black contour feathers develop; and the chicks are fledged and have their first full juvenile plumage after about a month of hatching.
  16. A patch of pennaceous feathers is found running along its back, which was quite similar to the contour feathers of the body plumage of modern birds in being symmetrical and firm, although not as stiff as the flight-related feathers.
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