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  1. Contour farming is considered an active form of sustainable agriculture.
  2. At one part of the property " contour farming was used " and experimentation tried.
  3. The SCS also helped individual farmers convert from planting straight-rows of crops to contour farming on terraced benches.
  4. "' Erosion controls "'have appeared since medieval times when farmers realized the importance of contour farming to protect soil resources.
  5. On steeper slopes and areas with greater rainfall, a procedure known as strip cropping is used with contour farming to provide additional protection.
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  7. Contour farming is most effective when used with other soil conservation methods like strip cropping, terrace ( agriculture ) farming, and the use of a cover crop.
  8. Demonstrations showed that contour farming, under ideal conditions, will increase yields of row crops by up to 50 %, with increases of between 5 and 10 % being common.
  9. That catastrophe led to the creation of the Soil Conservation Service, which instituted conservation measures _ planting tree breaks, contour farming and other measures _ that are still, to a degree, practiced today.
  10. The administration of the colony was promoting a transition from horizontal farming which largely ignored terrain to contour farming which fits with the frame and women, who did most of the agricultural work, resisted the transition.

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