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  1. Facial contour extraction based on improved snake model
  2. Vision detecting spray transfer pool and contour extraction
  3. Technique of paper fragments contour extraction for evidence reconstruction system
  4. A study on contour extraction method in computer vision measurement technology
  5. A lip contour extraction method based on multiple active shape model for audio visual speech recognition
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  7. Contour extraction for medical images based on the combination of the statistical method and active contour models
  8. 3 . a method of contour extraction of object based on wavelet analysis is proposed : chapter 3
  9. 4 . a method of medical image registration based on contour extraction is proposed : chapter 4
  10. With this improved method , snakes model has better performance for contour extraction of active image
  11. In this paper , a method about contour extraction of regular targets in images is proposed , which is based on an improved rectangle fitting method and a polygon fitting method
  12. On the basis of study and analysis of bone ct image feature , bone contour data have been gained through the method in which the filter , segmentation , contour extraction and vector are done orderly . and the effective filter and contour extraction algorithm is proposed
  13. The outline of our research is to put forward a solution of medical image fusion that is based on analyzing current data of medical images and an induction of the methods of image fusion . first , we extract the organic contour of the medical images . then do image registration based on organic contour extraction
  14. The research about the non - invasive inspection of pcb that is based on ir image is introduced . the detection principle , the components of hardware and software are introduced in this paper . some key technical problems and the project of software are presented in detail : graphics of user interface ( gui ) of the projection , gray scale transformation ( gst ) , image contour extraction through edge detection algorithm based on the approaching contour optimization , image registration based on corner detection , the position of hidden trouble pcb through add - minus algorithm image
  15. The oriented rp bone 3d - reconstruction system is developed with vc + + and opengl , which can realize contour extraction form ct image and bone 3d - reconstruction . the system can output various cad interfaces , and provide data for individually matching artificial limb design and manufacture
  16. This dissertation mainly studies and deals with the technique of geometry reconstruction from cross - sectional contours and some related techniques , such as gray - level interpolation or shape - based interpolation of slice - images , contours extraction , surface reconstruction from planar contours and 3d solid model transformation
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