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  1. This was an internal history, designed for internal consumption only,
  2. Conspicuous consumption, the luxury car makers grumble, is out.
  3. Nineties values call for inconspicuous, but equally expensive, consumption.
  4. In world chocolate consumption, the United States comes in ninth.
  5. As a result, Smith was not tested for alcohol consumption.
  6. It's difficult to find consumptions in a sentence.
  7. It is hostile to savings and investment and tilted toward consumption.
  8. A complete consumption with the euphoria of discovery, of exploration.
  9. The unofficial local consumption record is 32 franks at one sitting.
  10. Higher rates raise companies'borrowing costs and dampen private consumption.
  11. But the government budget makes no distinction between investment and consumption.
  12. What is the line at which the state can discourage consumption?
  13. Beef consumption has slipped 8 percent in the last seven years.
  14. World wheat consumption is forecast at 542 million tons next year.
  15. The price also depends on whether consumption and imports are rising.
  16. Unusually steady prices last year helped boost consumption, analysts said.
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