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  1. A man died Friday night after consuming vodka and preseciption medicine.
  2. The good and the bad are being consumed by the ugly.
  3. We know that 49ers management is consumed with catching the Cowboys.
  4. So the final 52 days of the regular season were consumed.
  5. However, relatively few people consume maple syrup, he said.
  6. It's difficult to find consuming in a sentence.
  7. The struggle consumed a million Muslim lives before independence in 1962.
  8. To fill up, Lepke drinks water before consuming other liquids.
  9. Can suburbs produce new musical ideas as well as consume them?
  10. Most of the fat consumed in Greece is monounsaturated olive oil.
  11. Cochran's anger at police misconduct is all-consuming.
  12. I tell them to watch the volume of carbohydrates they consume.
  13. "This job is consuming, " he said.
  14. People want honesty and integrity and genuineness in what they consume.
  15. This involves doing some simple, but time-consuming tasks.
  16. And if buried, of course, bags consume landfill space.
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