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  1. The Royal Ulster Constabulary gave no details about the arrested suspects.
  2. The constabulary is the most heavily armed police force in Europe.
  3. The Royal Ulster Constabulary is an overwhelmingly Protestant, unionist force.
  4. The Royal Ulster Constabulary has felt the brunt of the violence.
  5. McMurdo resigned Wednesday as the assistant inspector of constabulary for Scotland.
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  7. No one was injured, the Royal Ulster Constabulary said Friday.
  8. She also was an outspoken critic of the Royal Ulster Constabulary.
  9. A spokesman for Northern Constabulary said the death was being investigated.
  10. The Lancashire Constabulary covers the shire county and the unitary authorities.
  11. Fife Council and Fife Constabulary also centre their operations in Glenrothes.
  12. Such bodies are often referred to as'private constabularies '.
  13. The security of VIPs was a routine requirement for the constabulary.
  14. These ultimately led to the disbanding of the Ulster Special Constabulary.
  15. (Devon and Cornwall Constabulary is no longer organised as Divisions.
  16. She became an Assistant Chief Constable in Kent Constabulary in 1994.
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