considered judgment in a sentence

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  1. Finally, you come to the considered judgment that the proper moment has arrived.
  2. The all-time champion, in my by-now far-over-considered judgment, was the In-the-Egg Egg Scrambler.
  3. "It is my considered judgment that the independent counsel's office is not finished.
  4. "Mr . Levy's selection is, in my considered judgment, the triumph of cronyism,"
  5. But this is our considered judgment on the best way forward,
  6. It's difficult to find considered judgment in a sentence.
  7. That is an irresponsible, ill-considered judgment and a serious mistake,
  8. As for bin Laden, the tailor considered judgment of him to be God's affair.
  9. We respect the well-considered judgment of the British government.
  10. Child support orders are considered judgments of this sort.
  11. In Rawls's theory, we begin with " considered judgments " that arise from the sense of justice.
  12. He had to make a considered judgment about whether the worst problem is a monopoly or government intervention.
  13. Is this not about the time for some administrator to step in and render his / her considered judgment?
  14. These are more like the rants of a talk-radio host than the considered judgments of a respected academic ."
  15. It was our considered judgment that the ( media ) policy had turned UNESCO into an adversary of press freedom,
  16. Furthermore, the objective should be to obtain an experts'carefully considered judgment based on a systematic consideration of all relevant evidence.
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