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  1. The recorded speed by radar on Conrod Straight was 143 mph.
  2. The race began at Skyline and ended at Conrod Straight.
  3. In BMW M3 Evolution whilst travelling along Conrod Straight.
  4. Jason Bargwanna stopped on Conrod Straight on lap 135, bringing out a safety car.
  5. The timing chain broke on Conrod Straight, forcing Brock into the pits and into retirement.
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  7. The near standard 1985 Group A race cars only produced around and were recorded at on Conrod.
  8. This meant that the back markers had to start the race from around the corner on Conrod Straight.
  9. The XU-1 coasted down Conrod Straight and came to a halt just before the entrance to the Pits.
  10. Sydney driver Mike Burgmann died when his VK Commodore hit the concrete base of the bridge over Conrod Straight at.
  11. Like the first session, it ran without incident, though drivers were cautioned when kangaroos were spotted on Conrod Straight.
  12. But she met Conrod Cottoy at the First Baptist Church in Brooklyn; on Valentine's Day 1976, they married.
  13. Schuppan got in only one and a half laps before the car broke a conrod with just 90 minutes left to run.
  14. Mucke passed Vanthoor for third going down Conrod Straight on the final lap before attempting to pass Bell at the final corner.
  15. The museum is situated adjacent to the Mount Panorama motor racing circuit at the end of Conrod Straight, close to the city.
  16. They led for 195 ( of 200 ) laps before a conrod tore a hole in the crankcase two laps from the end.
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