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  1. The early history of the Conrey House is obscure.
  2. The show was created by George van Rooyen and Henck Conrey and is presented by Conrey.
  3. The show was created by George van Rooyen and Henck Conrey and is presented by Conrey.
  4. Is currently on its second season and is produced by Conrey Entertainment for the Afrikaans channel Kyknet.
  5. The Conrey House is a brick building set on a shutters date from the house's construction.
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  7. In a 2003 technical comment, Conrey states he does not believe RH is going to yield to functional analysis tools.
  8. "' John Brian Conrey "'is an American mathematician and the executive director of the American Institute of Mathematics.
  9. In late 2003, the Conrey House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, qualifying because of its historically significant architecture.
  10. This one is from Gloria Conrey of Lithonia, Georgia, who says her mother made it in the'60s using pineapple and nuts.
  11. The "'James D . Conrey House "'is a historic house located on an old intercity road in southeastern Columbus.
  12. He does not cite their paper in his preprints, but both of them cite a 1986 paper of his that was attacked by Li and Conrey.
  13. In a similar vein, Robert Conrey from " Digital Spy " was disappointed with the song's " lack of Mariah Carey ."
  14. Green and his partners fled to Iowa where they stole spare license places from two vehicles and kidnapped two Knoxville police officers, Burt Conrey and John Neuman, before returning to Missouri.
  15. In 1974 he published a paper proving that more than a third of the zeros of the Riemann zeta function lie on the critical line, a result later improved to two fifths by Conrey.
  16. *Brian Conrey, Andrew Granville, Bjorn Poonen and Kannan Soundararajan, " Zeros of Fekete polynomials ", arXiv e-print math . NT / 9906214, June 16, 1999.
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