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  1. The largest frog is the African Goliath frog ( " Conraua goliath " ), which can reach and weigh.
  2. This genus includes the largest frog of the world, " Conraua goliath ", which may grow to in snout vent length and weigh as much as.
  3. Frogs range in size from the recently discovered " Paedophryne amauensis " of Papua New Guinea to the goliath frog ( " Conraua goliath " ) of Cameroon.
  4. The goliath frog " ( Conraua goliath ) ", one of the prominent amphibians found in the park, is the biggest frog in the world; hunting it is prohibited.
  5. The most obvious characteristic that differentiates " Pyxicephalus adspersus " from other frogs is its size; it's one of the biggest, second only to " Conraua goliath " of the Congo basin.
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  7. The true frogs vary greatly in size, ranging from small & mdash; such as the wood frog ( " Lithobates sylvatica " ) & mdash; to the largest frog in the world, the goliath frog ( " Conraua goliath " ).
  8. In a 2006 expedition to survey the reserve, scientists discovered two rare and possibly endangered species of primate in the reserve : Geoffroy's pied colobus ( " Colobus vellerosus " ) and the olive colobus ( " Procolobus verus " ), as well as 17 rare butterfly species and the critically endangered frog species " Conraua derooi ".

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