conclave of 1823 in a sentence

  1. Castiglioni was considered a front-runner in the conclave of 1823.
  2. Odescalchi, who ordained conclaves of 1823, 1829, and 1830-31.
  3. Thus in all three conclaves of 1823, 1829 and 1830 Albani played a vital role.
  4. Upon the death of Pope Pius VII, as Cardinal Camerlengo he presided over the arrangements for the conclave of 1823.
  5. Born in Toscanella, he was created cardinal by Pope Pius VII at the conclave of 1823 that elected Pope Leo XII . He died in Rome in 1826.
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  7. After participating in the conclave of 1823, which elected Pope Leo XII, he was ordained a priest on 28 September 1823 and opted for the deaconry of Santa Maria in Domnica on 17 November of the same year . and on 19 December 1834 changed that to the deaconry of Santa Maria in Via Lata.

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