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  1. Concklin moved to intercept the slaves and free them from the slave catchers.
  2. Seth Concklin ferried runaway slaves from points in the south by boat to Evansville.
  3. Though Concklin succeeds in bringing Vina north to free soil, bounty hunters pursue them and kill him in trying to recapture Vina.
  4. Built about 1796 by Jacob Concklin, Jr ., a " wheelwright ", the house is an example of Dutch Colonial architecture.
  5. Seth Concklin, an abolitionist inspired by William Still's action, embarks upon a quest to liberate Peter s wife, Vina, who is still enslaved in the Deep South.
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  7. With Concklin Constantin architects, she was the principal architect designer for MTA Inspector General's headquarters on Bryant Park, design of MTA Public Boardroom 347 Madison Ave ., Fordham University SMART classrooms.
  8. There's a list of jobs " a mile long that are duplicated in the private sector, " said Bert Concklin, president of the Professional Services Council, a group representing service business dealing with the government.
  9. "He's succeeded in crossing the boundary from pure theological speculation to boring in to the policy work, " said Bert Concklin, head of the Professional Services Council, a trade group for government consulting firms.
  10. He absorbed the studies of Edmond B . Wilson, Edwin G . Concklin, and Theodor Bovari and completed his doctoral thesis in 1922 under Hans Prizbram, then director of the Biological Research Institute of the Academy of Sciences in Vienna, on the responses of butterflies to light and gravity.

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