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  1. Trumpet music and stile concitato gestures suggest the martial atmosphere.
  2. In the end, the agree to stop fighting and they sing the love duet " Non piu guerra " in trumpet aria / concitato style.
  3. In the Valley of Orseno, Medea sings the strophic aria " L'armi apprestatemi " expressing her rage against her rival with stile concitato gestures.
  4. Among other innovations in this work is the " stile concitato "  the " agitated style ", which uses, among other things, string tremolo.
  5. The technique of " concitato genere "  rapid diatonic section by the same singers which, says Rosand, suggests a lack of real sympathy with Seneca's predicament.
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  7. Castello's use of the " stile concitato " ( agitated style ) & mdash; with quick repeated-note figures & mdash; is consistent with his association with Monteverdi.
  8. No trace of the music has been found, though Tomlinson has deduced some of its likely characteristics from Monteverdi's correspondence, including extensive use of the " stile concitato " effect.
  9. Therein Monteverdi claims to have invented a new  agitated style ( " Genere concitato ", later called Stile concitato ) to make the music " complete / perfect " ( " perfetto " ).
  10. Therein Monteverdi claims to have invented a new  agitated style ( " Genere concitato ", later called Stile concitato ) to make the music " complete / perfect " ( " perfetto " ).
  11. Two trumpet arias with military connotations  based on Monteverdi s " stile concitato "  are found in II . 11 : Alinda s  Quanti Soldati and Besso and Alinda s  Non piu guerra.
  12. Merula's secular music includes solo madrigals with instrumental accompaniment, sometimes using the Monteverdian " stile concitato " tremolo effect, and in formal design prefiguring the later Baroque cantata with its division into aria and recitative.
  13. In the first duet, a chorale fantasia, the alto ( Fear ) and the horn perform the chorale, accompanied by strings in tremolo, which John Eliot Gardiner connects to Monteverdi's agitated style ( " stile concitato " ).
  14. John Eliot Gardiner describes it as a " grand, tableau-like evocation of the Last Judgement, replete with triple occurrences of a wild 6 / 8 section when all hell is let loose in true Monteverdian concitato ( " excited " ) manner ".
  15. Published in Monteverdi's celebrated book of madrigals of love and war, " Il Combattimento " is a prime example, perhaps ( italics ) the ( end italics ) prime example, of his " stile concitato, " or " excited style, " invented expressly to lend song the breath and fire of drama.
  16. John Eliot Gardiner, who conducted this and other Christmas cantatas during the Bach Cantata Pilgrimage with the Monteverdi Choir in 2000, compares the movement's style to the " stilo concitato " ( excited style ) of Claudio Monteverdi and notes its " vigorous endorsement to the military campaign against sin and the devil instituted with Jesus'birth ".

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