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  1. With a poet's concision, it explains the place.
  2. That concision is one of the earmarks of an urban legend.
  3. Borg de Balsan is a miracle of concision and emotional understatement.
  4. Concision and force are what matter _ every image and utterance counts.
  5. Visually, the film makes its points with more concision and power.
  6. It's difficult to find concision in a sentence.
  7. Ils doivent r閟umer avec concision le contenu de la section.
  8. The headline was a masterpiece of concision : " Dead !"
  9. There s an important difference between concision ( being concise ) and length.
  10. Good questions, asked with agony and concision.
  11. Today it is neo-Classic in concision but neo-Romantic in intensity.
  12. His reports were noted by readers for their concision, accuracy, and diction.
  13. This novel has an extremely intricate plot which is difficult to summarize with concision.
  14. Yeats already had the reporter's rapid grasp of fact and gift for concision.
  15. And their research lends power to the miniseries, as it resists concision and hyperbole.
  16. Kyrie movements often have a structure that reflects the concision and symmetry of the text.
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