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  1. He attributed this extreme conciseness to his lack of compositional experience.
  2. He also knew the poetic truth that sophistication and conciseness can coexist.
  3. Other common trade-offs include code clarity and conciseness.
  4. Work on the article to improve it's conciseness.
  5. Two applicable user interface design principles are clarity and conciseness.
  6. It's difficult to find conciseness in a sentence.
  7. :Conciseness is not the only goal, readability is important too.
  8. There's a case to be made for conciseness as well.
  9. His linocuts are known for their strict elegance and conciseness.
  10. And young consumers say its unfair to single out their preference for conciseness.
  11. :There is a purposeful balance in programming languages between English and conciseness.
  12. Your question assumes both clarity and conciseness are requirements and then requests evidence.
  13. For the sake of brevity and conciseness, one step at a time.
  14. Weiss was known for the conciseness of his writing.
  15. The topic of synaesthesia merits very little weight, and conciseness is required.
  16. Conciseness makes things easier and more inviting to read.
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