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  1. At 90 minutes, it tells its story concisely and directly.
  2. Bill has uncanny knowledge to concisely state and envision the problem.
  3. In four months, he was speaking it clearly and concisely.
  4. The Surya Siddhantha concisely specifies the coordinates of the twenty seven Nakshatras
  5. As it stands, the article is exhaustive and concisely expressed.
  6. It's difficult to find concisely in a sentence.
  7. I have made every attempt to clearly and concisely explain myself.
  8. How do I write this concisely in a couple of sentences?
  9. Please outline your reasons clearly and concisely without focusing on conduct.
  10. If not, please clearly and concisely state what is missing.
  11. Make sure you can describe the problem clearly and concisely.
  12. He was also a remarkably practical man who spoke concisely.
  13. When asked to sum up the entire Torah concisely, he answered:
  14. Array programming primitives concisely express broad ideas about data manipulation.
  15. Cut down the content so that it can be presented more concisely.
  16. This is not a report that can be written concisely.
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