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  1. The treaty is clear and concise and should be followed strictly.
  2. The aim is to write good, catchy, concise songs.
  3. If not humorous, Maclopedia is clear, concise and interesting.
  4. _Organize your thoughts before leaving a clear, concise message.
  5. Not only is he inexpensive, he's also concise.
  6. It's difficult to find concise in a sentence.
  7. Pitino was at times humorous, always insightful, and concise.
  8. It means to me to be more thoughtful, more concise.
  9. Make the questions open-ended and concise, he suggests.
  10. "Van Nostrand's Concise Encyclopedia of Science"
  11. Fumbling for a concise English definition, he stops in frustration.
  12. The Concise Oxford Dictionary is a mere 1, 700 pages.
  13. It is also available in a concise edition ( 2003 ).
  14. The heavy employment of proverbs enables Japanese language to be concise.
  15. A concise broader picture is painted in History of the Netherlands.
  16. This diagram gives a concise visual summary of the root structure.
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