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  1. It is also available in a concise edition ( 2003 ).
  2. Gorman has edited several revisions of AACR2 including a concise edition.
  3. The volumes have been abridged into a single-volume, concise edition.
  4. These include Colin Larkin s Encyclopedia of Popular Music ( Concise Edition ).
  5. The Concise Edition article about Pluto still refers to it as a planet.
  6. It's difficult to find concise edition in a sentence.
  7. A concise edition, in about ten volumes, was incomplete at his death.
  8. He was editor-in-chief of a concise edition of the encyclopedia, which remains unpublished.
  9. :My dictionary ( " The Canadian Dictionary, Concise Edition ", from 1962 ) shows only the forms Benne gives.
  10. A single-volume concise edition, " The Popular Handbook of British Birds " was produced by Philip Hollom in 1952.
  11. The large single volume of the Concise edition of " The Encyclopedia of Popular Music " is now in its 5th edition.
  12. Made a proposal at here for a concise edition of wikipedia which is formatted much like an old book encyclopedia with the bare main facts and a smallish word limit for articles as a reference point.
  13. The concise editions have been continued, but they have also been supplemented by a digital edition and transcripts of important manuscripts on the Internet and a virtual manuscript room to make use of the advantages of that medium.
  14. She was considered a saint in her own time, and for centuries following her death, as noted by her appearance in the Fasti Mariani Calendar of Saints of 1630, and Butler's Lives of the Saints-Concise Edition published in the 18th Century.
  15. The last one, African Ceremonies : The Concise Edition by photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher ( Abrams, $ 49.95; 400 pp . ) is a one-volume edition of a slipcased, two-volume work published three years ago and costing $ 150.
  16. In his later record books ( e . g ., " The Book of Cricket Records ", concise edition, 1963 ), Webber quoted both versions, referring to the " Wisden " totals as the " accepted figures " and his own as the " corrected figures ".
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