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  1. WordReference also has Oxford Unabridged and Concise dictionaries available for a subscription.
  2. In addition to standard dictionaries, concise dictionaries have been compiled by Shahani.
  3. When it comes to technical definitions I like the Penguin Concise Dictionary of Computing.
  4. He edited an abridgement, " The Barnhart Concise Dictionary of Etymology " ( 1995 ).
  5. In 1884 he published a " Concise Dictionary of Musical Terms ", in two editions.
  6. It's difficult to find concise dictionary in a sentence.
  7. "pseudo " and " pseudonym, " with definitions and audio pronunciations, from the AND Concise Dictionary.
  8. After all, there are two definitions of " unstrung " in the American Heritage Concise Dictionary.
  9. B . A . Phythian writes in Concise Dictionary of Confusables, a book on confusing words.
  10. According to " Worship Music : A Concise Dictionary ", the lesser doxology is of Syrian origin.
  11. I turn to the brand-new Oxford Concise Dictionary ( 11th edition ), but it's a bit too concise.
  12. The entry for  castle in Darvill s Oxford concise dictionary of Archaeology declares that it is a European concept.
  13. OUP was first exempted from Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ", and the " Concise Dictionary of National Biography ".
  14. In addition, William Watson, a writer of the book " A Concise Dictionary of Cults and Religions " defended Great Commission.
  15. In 1981, after the 16-volume set was complete, Scribner's published a one-volume abridgment, the " Concise Dictionary of Scientific Biography ".
  16. There is a concise dictionary of national biography in which great men, bad men and monsters in human shape all figure.
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