concise answer in a sentence

"concise answer" in Chinese  
  1. There unfortunately is no concise answer in this particular situation.
  2. Giving a concise answer takes priority over divergent exploration of related notions.
  3. Without specifying that, you can't get a good concise answer.
  4. Thanks for the sources and the concise answer.
  5. Two short, correct, concise answers.
  6. It's difficult to find concise answer in a sentence.
  7. They like short, concise answers.
  8. But if you can't provide a more concise answer I can't help.
  9. In fact, three-quarters of his press conference Wednesday consisted of many short, concise answers.
  10. The security chief for what is perhaps the area's most heavily guarded district posed a concise answer.
  11. :: Thank you both for your speedy and concise answers-I shall enlighten the assembled company forthwith.
  12. Thanks for the detailed, concise answer to a question that most people would easily over-respond or just ignore.
  13. Wallace gives his most concise answer of the day : " Now that's one thing that I absolutely cannot talk about, " he says.
  14. I just had to fire things at him and he was just wonderful at taking what I was firing at him and delivering a nice, concise answer in 25 seconds,
  15. There was still rampant speculation, however, that Pershing was a six-star general, and the media put the matter directly to the War Department for a clear and concise answer.
  16. :Either way-please tell us where you heard this-maybe we can come up with a more concise answer . talk ) 15 : 32, 21 January 2016 ( UTC)
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