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  1. Bonhoeffer was arrested in 1943 and sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp.
  2. Two million more were sent to concentration camps or became forced laborers.
  3. And they were told Gordon had been killed in a concentration camp.
  4. Ramirez was taken directly from the Puchuncavi concentration camp to the airport.
  5. It even built a concentration camp of its own to improve efficiency.
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  7. Few mothers and daughters were able to survive the concentration camps together.
  8. Service in a concentration camp is a legal basis for deportation.
  9. The ghetto held Jews before they were transported to concentration camps.
  10. He then spent 28 months in a concentration camp near Hannover.
  11. He died in 1944 in the Majdanek concentration camp in Poland.
  12. Their father was killed in the Auschwitz concentration camp in 1942.
  13. It was like a concentration camp, men muttering around a campfire,
  14. Prisoners in Nazi concentration camps were tattooed with an identification number.
  15. Only about 500 returned from the Auschwitz and other concentration camps.
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