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  1. Attendance to the Foreign Legion Symphony was compulsory for resident units.
  2. The women's competition opens on Sunday with compulsory exercises.
  3. Traditionally, they have been better in compulsories than in optionals.
  4. Would it then be acceptable for chemical castration to be compulsory?
  5. Also under the bill, compulsory union membership would be abolished.
  6. It's difficult to find compulsory in a sentence.
  7. Unlike Texas, New Mexico has had compulsory unitization since 1977.
  8. It's about ending compulsory unionism in the first place.
  9. The game is sold out, but attendance is not compulsory.
  10. Compulsory licenses are permitted in health emergencies under international trade agreements.
  11. The lessons were part of the school curriculum and were compulsory.
  12. Making the vote compulsory would be an affront to our traditions.
  13. Compulsory licenses for music have always been limited to public performances,
  14. Current law requires compulsory education for children from 6 to 16.
  15. But the compulsory sampling of all arrested is the latest battlefield.
  16. After the compulsories, we were so disappointed with our marks.
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