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  1. Some species visit flowers such as of the Umbelliferae, Compositae and Euphorbiae.
  2. Studying plant taxonomy under Compositae of Southern California ", in 1906.
  3. Good bugs also like certain members of the daisy, or Compositae, family.
  4. Niger belongs to the Compositae family, along with sunflowers, thistles and asters.
  5. _Family : Compositae ( daisy family ).
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  7. Compositae are also used for some industrial purposes.
  8. It mainly feeds on Compositae and Erodium species.
  9. It is also in the Compositae family from the major Angiosperms group of flowering plants.
  10. He specialized in studies of Compositae and was the taxonomic author of many species within the family.
  11. The most important plant families are Theaceae, Humiriaceae, Ericaceae, Compositae, Aquifoliaceae, Burseraceae, Sapotaceae.
  12. He made a notable contribution to the knowledge of the trees of Argentina and the botanical family of Compositae.
  13. Ragweed is in the Asteraceae ( formerly Compositae ) family of flowers, along with sunflowers, asters and dandelions.
  14. The species was first formally described by the botanist George Bentham in 1867 in the work " Compositae Flora Australiensis"
  15. Her special fields of interest were the flora of Natal and the taxonomy of " Streptocarpus ", Compositae and Scrophulariaceae.
  16. At this time their feeding is based on the seeds of these trees, especially on trees belonging to the goosefoots and other Compositae.
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