compensation money in a sentence

"compensation money" in Chinese  
  1. Bill reluctantly offers the balance from his compensation money, but Bella refuses.
  2. That has forced them to spend their compensation money on private doctors.
  3. Many survivors are angry about the delay in receiving state compensation money.
  4. Farmers said they had little choice but to accept state compensation money.
  5. The compensation money is to be collected from the hospital, the report said.
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  7. Before getting the compensation money, Lesamana was a beggar, moving from village to village.
  8. However, Cain resolves the situation by torching the car and sending Kerry compensation money.
  9. Andy and Adam have a feud over the incident and over Andy's compensation money.
  10. The Malaysian Government had paid them all some compensation money.
  11. "Once we get the government compensation money we'll have to run the figures ."
  12. Paying some compensation money to the victim is very important.
  13. The state also holds compensation money of some other survivors.
  14. It will also have to pay severance and deferred compensation money to Robertson Stephens employees.
  15. Of course the compensation money is gone, spent.
  16. "This compensation money is money we never would have had, " the mother said in an interview.
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