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  1. This grid shows alternative names for the individual compensation methods.
  2. Now, America's divorce courts are playing catch-up in trying to understand options as a compensation method.
  3. According to a guide published by the American Society of Interior Designers, fees and compensation methods vary.
  4. Urban districts are going beyond traditional compensation methods to lure teachers with discounts on rent and child care.
  5. There are different names used for the same type of compensation method and some compensation methods are actually special cases for another method.
  6. It's difficult to find compensation method in a sentence.
  7. There are different names used for the same type of compensation method and some compensation methods are actually special cases for another method.
  8. Different species have different dosage compensation methods, with all of the methods involving the regulation of an X chromosome from one of the either sexes.
  9. The consumer price index is thus an example of a fixed-weight compensation method; fixed weight methods relate prices in all years to some single base year.
  10. Google AdSense offers this compensation method for its " Advertise on this site " feature that allows advertisers to target specific publisher sites within the Google content network.
  11. Thirty-five percent of companies responding to the compensation association's survey reported that they planned to change compensation methods to place more emphasis on variable pay over merit pay.
  12. The company was placed under an injunction which restricts certain marketing activity and compensation methods, and a monitor was appointed by the court to assure compliance with these restrictions.
  13. By moving away from simple up-front charges to less obvious compensation methods, the fund industry runs the danger of leading investors to focus on the costs, not the benefits, of investing, she says.
  14. Forty-nine percent of respondents said they made a change in agency compensation methods in the last three years, the study reported, while in the last survey, 38 percent said they made a change.
  15. Mr Neoh said the exact compensation method for collapsed Forluxe Securities and Clark Fung Securities clients has not yet been decided, but references will be made to the method used for C A Pacific.
  16. THE compensation method for collapsed C A Pacific Securities will be used as a reference for future claims of clients of other brokerages that fail, Securities and Futures Commission ( SFC ) chairman Anthony Neoh said yesterday.
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