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  1. Compensation mechanisms should be established to help less developed nations.
  2. In patients with thalassemia, SOD will increase as a form of compensation mechanism.
  3. With such usecase, the latency compensation mechanism described previously can not be used.
  4. Opposition leaders in parliament had called for using the upcoming introduction of new rubles as a compensation mechanism.
  5. This leads to constituitive activation of the pathway, which may or may not be overturned by compensation mechanisms.
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  7. Hyperactivation is a term also used to express an X chromosome gene dosage compensation mechanism and is seen in Drosophila.
  8. X inactivation plays a key role in dosage compensation mechanisms that allow for equal expression of the X and autosomal chromosomes.
  9. There is consensus that the current universal service and intercarrier compensation mechanisms need to be modified to accommodate the new market conditions.
  10. Both CF and CF-FM bats use the Doppler shift compensation mechanism is order to maximize the efficiency of their echolocation behavior.
  11. It is not a compensation mechanism and looks into an individual complaint only to the extent it points to any systemic compliance failure.
  12. This mechanism allows for the reduction of neural computational load ( as described in the " Function of the Doppler Shift Compensation Mechanism " section ).
  13. The organizations have also agreed on common rules of origin to enhance trade, and ECOWAS has agreed to adopt UEMOA's customs declaration forms and compensation mechanisms.
  14. Additionally, the absence of economic compensation mechanisms for those communities from which water is extracted has created conflicts among users and sometimes limits water transferred to the city.
  15. Automatic signal compensation mechanisms can include " automatic offset compensation ( AOC ), automatic balance compensation ( ABC ) and automatic gain control ( AGC ) ".
  16. The authors concluded that " & although the findings do not support the existence of a strong risk compensation mechanism among helmeted cyclists, this possibility cannot be ruled out ."
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