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  1. Michelle Sankowsky, a nurse, was hired in January 2002 as Tyler Pipe's occupational health and compensation manager.
  2. "You have to pay competitive salaries in the marketplace, " said Dennis Spry, Edison's corporate compensation manager.
  3. Compensation managers, equal employment opportunity diversity managers, and human resources managers earn $ 90, 000 to $ 100, 000.
  4. The plans emulate salary schemes in the United States, where about one-third of the compensation managers receive comes from stock options.
  5. In a Jan . 9, 1990, letter to Succi's attorney, Gencorp safety and workers'compensation manager Kenneth Breyley offered $ 37, 500 to settle the case.
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  7. Kevin Leroy, a Sprint sales compensation manager, says his HMO, Cigna, saved his 10-year-old daughter's life with months of hospitalization to help her conquer a mysterious immune system disorder.
  8. For example, Sue Redhair of Dallas, the benefits and compensation manager for Omni Hotels, has little interest in the warnings because, she said, " I can't think of almost any place I wouldn't go ."
  9. At Employers Reinsurance Corp ., they " stopped being loosey-goosey with our security badges, doubled the number of security cameras and began having all of our mail opened before it comes to our offices, " said Pat Grube, compensation manager.
  10. But, as Edwards walked a group of Kansas City area human resource and compensation managers through an explanation of what it takes to be a " most admired " company, the executive vs . employee perception gap caused much mumbling among those in attendance.

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