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  1. Synygy targeted companies with complex challenges related to sales data integration and transformation, sales incentive compensation management, quota and objectives setting, territory management, sales workflow process automation, and sales business intelligence and analytics.
  2. The Federal Trade Commission announced April 2008 that it issued a complaint challenging a series of acquisitions by TALX Corporation that substantially lessened competition in the markets for outsourced unemployment compensation management ( UCM ) and verification of income and employment ( VOIE ) services.
  3. Courses, taught by lecturers from Sasin as well as from the School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London ( which co-certifies the diploma ), cover subjects ranging from principles of management to human resource management, management of performance appraisal, compensation management, labour relations management and human resources management skills.
  4. "' beqom "'is a global provider of compensation management software, delivered using a cloud computing platform . beqom has its global headquarters in Fribourg, Switzerland, with offices throughout North America and EMEA . Components of the software include functionality to manage sales incentives, bonuses, equity, merit pay, long term incentives and channel partner incentives.
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