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  1. The recursive criterion of transient current protection based on mallat wavelet transform is presented in order to meet the real - time demands . the reserch shows deficiency existed in the prevenient principle of transient current protection , so a new improved scheme of transient current protection is proposed . the characteristics of transient protection at different bus distribution capacitance is also analysed in this thesis . the study shows that operate of transient protection is correct when the bus distribution capacitance change . other conclusion include : the trip of transient protection must be locked when the power circuit breaker of transimission line operated , because the trip is incorrect at this time ; the features of transient current and it ' s energy is different between the fault and thunder over - voltage in transimission line , and them can be identified ; the ratio of high frequency component of current in serise capaciters compensation line , svc and hvdc system is far little than fault transient current , so all of them do not affect the working of trasient current protection
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