compass in a sentence

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  1. As such, perhaps it serves as a beacon or compass.
  2. If the compass works, it's on to Tokyo.
  3. Shares in Compass Group were recently up 25 pence at 370p.
  4. All we lost were a pair of sunglasses and a compass.
  5. It combined a compass with a protractor built into the base.
  6. It's difficult to find compass in a sentence.
  7. Scarcely used is the compass, the flasher and the watch.
  8. It was his moral compass that veered hopelessly out of whack.
  9. Shares in Compass ~ ) p were unchanged at 547 pence.
  10. Shares in Compass Group dropped 3 pence to close at 544p.
  11. Where's that Will Clark compass when you need it?
  12. Kurtz carries a whistle, a compass and basic survival tools.
  13. I learned early on that my compass had to be internal.
  14. On the instrument panel, the compass was not clearly marked;
  15. All by navigation, finding the way with map and compass.
  16. SAMBA NGO : " Metamorphosis " ( Compass ).
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