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  1. During a geomagnetic flip, compass needles would point south rather than north.
  2. This new type of German mine used a compass needle to detonate itself.
  3. Norman demonstrated magnetic dip by creating a compass needle that pivoted on a horizontal axis.
  4. His compass needle will point west toward magnetic north.
  5. Worse, the ferrous rocks make compass needles whirl erratically.
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  7. To avoid errors due to parallax, a plane mirror is mounted below the compass needle.
  8. All the compass needles point in his direction.
  9. It shouldn't take many strokes to make a magnet strong enough to use as a compass needle.
  10. His other psychic abilities are the ability to spin compass needles around and the hands on watches.
  11. Originally, the instruments relied on the Earth's magnetic field to provide the restoring force for the compass needle.
  12. :: Magnetic declination is a favorite of mine : the variation of the compass needle from true north.
  13. It is a given that the north pole of a compass needle indicates the direction of magnetic North.
  14. Compass needles are often weighted during manufacture to compensate for magnetic dip, so that they will balance roughly horizontally.
  15. When that rock was forming, magnetic grains in the sediment took on the orientation of Earth's field, like tiny compass needles.
  16. More importantly, it included Norman's discovery of magnetic dip, the incline at an angle from the horizon by a compass needle.
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