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  1. The engine room compartmentation was an improvement over the C and D classes.
  2. Unfortunately, the US usage is " compartmented " or " compartmentation ".
  3. My proposal would be to rename the " compartmentalization " article to " compartmentation ".
  4. The disambiguation page on compartmentalization would also need to change the intelligence-related link to compartmentation.
  5. During construction, the builder reconfigured " New York " s boiler arrangement for tighter compartmentation.
  6. It's difficult to find compartmentation in a sentence.
  7. The Leopard 2's design follows the concept of compartmentation; possible sources of fire or explosions have been moved away from the crew.
  8. Much of the original lead piping was replaced and a fireproofing scheme, mainly through the design of a suitable compartmentation system was designed and implemented.
  9. The combustible wood and vinyl furnishings of the establishment allowed the fire to develop rapidly, as did a lack of fire separation, compartmentation and active suppression systems.
  10. When I try to search on " Compartmentation ", I get redirected to a disambiguation page on compartmentalization, which has a link to intelligence use of the term.
  11. These patents included the craft's annular jet cushion, plenum chamber burning, compartmentation jets for stability, powered and unpowered recirculation techniques, and various configurations of flexible skirts.
  12. Kalugin said Russia intelligence has an " exceptionally strict and rigidly enforced protection of sources, " called compartmentation : The more secret the information, the fewer people know it.
  13. Naturally, this was an unfortunate accident which occurred at a very bad time but fortunately, the automatic fire detection system and the fire compartmentation installed by the royal household limited the damage.
  14. :: I'm not immediately sure how to straighten out the redirects of compartmentation to compartmentalization-- I'll try, but I don't want to break anything by doing so.
  15. Nobody seems to have any idea even how to go about learning what the world of traditional culture actually is : this can only be learned by the painstaking tracing of traditional forms on the widest possible comparative basis, empirically, without any arbitrary limits set by academic preconceptions and compartmentation ."
  16. Many of the rooms on the eastern end of the castle had to be restored following the 1992 fire, using " equivalent restoration " methods  the rooms were restored so as to appear similar to their original appearance, but using modern materials and concealing modern structural improvements . { { refn | " Authentic restoration " involves using original materials and methods; " equivalent restoration ", as at Windsor, can integrate modern " fire compartmentation, service ducting, hygienic materials and strengthened floors ", provided they cannot be seen.

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