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  1. So as to compartmentalise at least part to the buoyant volume.
  2. The gardens are compartmentalised and divided into themes : Egypt, China, etc.
  3. The locomotive body was compartmentalised, with side doors and a sliding roof allowing access.
  4. The Burj Khalifa is highly compartmentalised.
  5. The Oxford Bar retains its original compartmentalised form, which many other local bars have lost.
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  7. The engine was compartmentalised from the crew, and the turret structure included forward and rear firing machine guns.
  8. The kitchen contains an operable, wood burning stove, sink and a large, old, compartmentalised fridge.
  9. Webb preferred something else, however : a mixture of natural styles combining old-fashioned formality and compartmentalised gardens.
  10. The flat compartmentalised ceiling is a more restrained version of that of the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli, Venice.
  11. As they realise that personal and professional lives can no longer be compartmentalised, organisations are trying to show that they care.
  12. They have variable porosities and permeabilities and may be compartmentalised, with fractures and faults breaking them up and complicating fluid flow.
  13. World Garden Tourism Network president Richard Benfield praised the garden's plantings, compartmentalised design, educational value and visual impact.
  14. These " polyhedral organelles " localise and compartmentalise bacterial metabolism, a function performed by the membrane-bound organelles in eukaryotes.
  15. A single level of occupation was found with compartmentalised buildings made of regular shaped bricks and lime plaster floors with small hearths.
  16. The Special Branch of Police responsible for investigation would be renamed Bureau of Intelligence and Investigation, and its work would be compartmentalised.
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