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  1. Compartment syndrome can be secondary to crush syndrome.
  2. In a small number of cases compartment syndrome has developed, requiring prompt surgical referral.
  3. He suffered complications with compartment syndrome in his calf and spent 21 days in hospital.
  4. During recovery, doctors feared that his leg would require amputation because of compartment syndrome.
  5. What may put the optic nerve at particular disadvantage is the superimposition of a compartment syndrome.
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  7. Abdominal compartment syndrome with visceral hypoperfusion is associated with severe burns of the abdomen and torso.
  8. Chronic exertional compartment syndrome usually occurs in athletes who participate in repetitive impact sports such as running.
  9. By the end of 1974, she had developed a case of the muscle condition compartment syndrome.
  10. Upon her return to the states, Gearlds underwent surgery on both legs for chronic compartment syndrome.
  11. The eschar, by virtue of this inelasticity, results in the burn-induced compartment syndrome.
  12. The true compartment syndrome arises due to increased pressure within the unyielding anterior compartment of the leg.
  13. In September 2012 a Norwegian doctor diagnosed Margr閠 L醨a's longstanding thigh injury as compartment syndrome.
  14. Furthermore, a ruptured popliteal cyst may cause compartment syndrome in the calf or even the thigh.
  15. Kara Goucher, professional long distance runner and Olympian, had chronic exertional compartment syndrome and subsequent fasciotomies.
  16. The swollen, inflamed muscle may directly compress structures in the same fascial compartment, causing compartment syndrome.
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