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  1. And again the comparison to the United States was not kind.
  2. When comparisons are made it always comes down to American football.
  3. McRae should be happy if the comparisons end with former Royals.
  4. And its performance stands out in comparison to other regional discounters.
  5. The comparisons to the Kissimmee River project in Florida are striking.
  6. It's difficult to find comparison in a sentence.
  7. "There's no comparison to the new ones.
  8. In turn, Israeli specialists argue that there is no comparison.
  9. That is an unfair comparison because of the change of staffs,
  10. By comparison, possible desert storms were small-time worries.
  11. Added Coleman : " Me and Kenny hate the comparisons.
  12. By comparison, American carriers have about 150 employees per plane.
  13. Let's get the invidious comparisons out of the way.
  14. And in such comparisons, he does not find himself wanting.
  15. He said he doesn't get tired of the comparisons.
  16. The comparisons between him and Hatcher would come, he knew.
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