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  1. "The sheer rise in stocks has led to poor comparison values, " with other investment options.
  2. Only endosulfan concentrations were significantly above comparison values.
  3. The concentrations of listed pesticides were all significantly above comparison values and therefore of concern for human and environmental health.
  4. In this way, a series-parallel partial order on " n " elements may be represented in O ( " n " ) space with O ( 1 ) time to determine any comparison value.
  5. Analyzing the remuneration of the Brazilian people, it was found that the wages of those working in the creative industry in Brazil are almost three times higher than the national average wage ( comparison value : R $ 4, 693 and R $ 1, 733, respectively ).
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  7. As in Cole's technique, they use a desynchronized parametric search, in which each separate thread of execution of the simulated parallel sorting algorithm is allowed to progress until it needs to determine the result of another comparison, and in which the number of unresolved comparisons is halved by finding the median comparison value and calling the decision algorithm with that value.
  8. However, van Oostrum and Veltkamp argue that if the results of past decision algorithms are saved ( so that only the comparisons unresolved by these results will lead to additional calls to the decision algorithm ) and the comparison values tested by the simulated test algorithm are sufficiently evenly distributed, then as the algorithm progresses the number of unresolved comparisons generated in each time step will be small.

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