comparison to in a sentence

  1. And again the comparison to the United States was not kind.
  2. And its performance stands out in comparison to other regional discounters.
  3. The comparisons to the Kissimmee River project in Florida are striking.
  4. "There's no comparison to the new ones.
  5. No longer will he suffer from unflattering comparisons to Joe Montana.
  6. It's difficult to find comparison to in a sentence.
  7. That would be insignificant to me in comparison to winning that.
  8. But there's no comparison to Tech in the frontcourt.
  9. At last, he is free of the comparisons to Montana.
  10. The eerie comparisons to the game in Tampa ended right there.
  11. Reed's sales paled in comparison to several other executives.
  12. This figure is exceedingly high in comparison to other advanced countries.
  13. But Hoppe's allies bristle at any comparison to Burke.
  14. But that paled in comparison to the fourth-quarter gaffe.
  15. But he bristles at any comparison to his own biological father.
  16. In comparison to other states, Texas ranked No . 26.
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