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  1. The social comparison theory has been associated with the figure rating scale.
  2. The Frog Pond Effect is a part of the wider social comparison theory.
  3. Feather and other psychologists base their work on what is known as social comparison theory.
  4. Another view, emanating from social comparison theories, sees emotional contagion as demanding more cognitive effort and being more conscious.
  5. To summarize, the false-consensus effect can be seen as stemming from both social comparison theory and the concept of projection.
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  7. Many such studies are based on social comparison theory, the idea that when people around us have bad luck, we look better to ourselves.
  8. The ego-defensive notion correlates nicely with Downward Comparison Theory which holds the view that derogating a less fortunate other increases our own subjective well-being.
  9. Leon Festinger's 1954 social comparison theory is that people evaluate their own abilities and opinions by comparing themselves to others when they are uncertain of their own ability or opinions.
  10. First, as social comparison theory explains, individuals constantly look to peers as a reference group and are motivated to do so in order to seek confirmation for their own attitudes and beliefs.
  11. During this time, Festinger published his highly influential paper on social comparison theory, extending his prior theory regarding the evaluation of attitudes in social groups to the evaluation of abilities in social groups.
  12. The effectiveness of peer support is believed to derive from a variety of psychosocial processes described best by Mark Salzer in 2002 : social support, experiential knowledge, social learning theory, social comparison theory and the helper-therapy principle.
  13. Rather, as predicted by the merging of PAT and social comparison theory, each member would come into discussion favoring B, that discussion would be heavily biased toward B and that the group would choose B for the job.
  14. According to social comparison theory, young women have a tendency to compare their appearance to others, which can result in a negative view of their own bodies and altering of eating behaviors, that in turn can develop disordered eating behaviors.
  15. Festinger also received considerable recognition during this time for his work, both from within the field, being awarded the Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award by the American Psychological Association in 1959, and outside of the field, being named as one of America s ten most promising scientists by " Fortune " magazine shortly after publishing social comparison theory.

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