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  1. There are fundamental limits on the performance of comparison sorts.
  2. Since both algorithms it uses are comparison sorts, it too is a comparison sort.
  3. Since both algorithms it uses are comparison sorts, it too is a comparison sort.
  4. This number of memory transfers has been shown to be asymptotically optimal for comparison sorts.
  5. The following table describes integer sorting algorithms and other sorting algorithms that are not comparison sorts.
  6. It's difficult to find comparison sort in a sentence.
  7. It is a comparison sort related to bubble sort, with which it shares many characteristics.
  8. :: Yeah, but bucket sort isn't a comparison sort, but this is.
  9. Comparison sorts generally adapt more easily to complex orders such as the order of floating-point numbers.
  10. The article claims to be about a comparison sort with runtime O ( n log log n )!
  11. In many large applications needing speed, the computer radix sort is an improvement on ( slower ) comparison sorts.
  12. A metaphor for thinking about comparison sorts is that someone has a set of unlabelled weights and a balance scale.
  13. In every pass, the comparison sort moves a key to another place a certain distance ( a path length ).
  14. Hence \ ln n ! \ sim n \ ln n ( see computational complexity of sorting algorithms ( see comparison sort ).
  15. Using such a tree, the algorithm has an worst-case performance, thus being degree-optimal for a comparison sort.
  16. Shellsort, discovered by Donald Shell in 1959, is a comparison sort which divides a list to be sorted into sublists and sorts them separately.
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