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  1. Many such folks, he reasoned, would be looking for help and for a way to do some comparison software shopping.
  2. In 1999, UK technology entrepreneur Barrie Hadfield co-founded Workshare, a provider of client-server document comparison software.
  3. And online mortgage companies offer rate-comparison software that lets borrowers find the best loans available on the market with the features they want.
  4. For example, the online retailer Buy . com is reportedly using price-comparison software that automatically adjusts its prices to undercut competitors'prices.
  5. It is common for document comparison software vendors to present forms of the compared document in separate windows in a GUI, so that each window contains the following items and the various windows are displayed on one or more computer display monitors : the original document, the modified document, and the redline ( or comparison ) document, with a fourth window used to present the list of changes made between document versions.
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