comparison shopping website in a sentence

  1. Healthplans . com is a health insurance comparison shopping website that lists health insurance plans.
  2. "' FeeFighters "'is a comparison shopping website for credit card processing.
  3. "' PriceOye "'is a comparison shopping website based out of Islamabad, Pakistan.
  4. "' iStorez, Inc . "'was a comparison shopping website that specialized in discounted products.
  5. Apart from being a platform for several e-commerce sites, iprice is also considered as a comparison shopping website.
  6. It's difficult to find comparison shopping website in a sentence.
  7. The more recent Builders Square, Inc . operated builderssquare . com as a comparison shopping website for home and garden products.
  8. "' PricePanda "'is a price comparison shopping website and distributed content store, founded in 2012 in Berlin.
  9. The site was founded by Steve Loyola in August 1997 as BestBookBuys . com, the second book comparison shopping website after BookFinder . com.
  10. In April 2011, Nextag acquired Germany's Guenstiger . de GmbH, the leading online comparison shopping website in Europe's market.
  11. "' FatWallet "'is a comparison shopping website, centering on a set of forums that allows users to publish deals and rebate offers on products and services, with computer-related products and electronics most prominent in the listings.

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