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  1. The flat-rate model is particularly common to comparison shopping engines, which typically publish rate cards.
  2. It showed ambitions of expanding beyond computers when it acquired the MySimon comparison shopping engine for $ 700 million in January 2000.
  3. He and three other Indians founded the Silicon Valley company, Junglee . com _ the original comparison shopping engine on the Web.
  4. MySimon is a comparison shopping engine Cnet bought last year, and SmartPlanet is an online education site that was part of ZDNet.
  5. EXPO's business model includes the licensing its content and technology, primarily to manufacturers but also to retailers and comparison shopping engines.
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  7. In the fall semester of 1999, Tseng and two classmates launched flyingchickens . com, a price comparison shopping engine for Harvard textbooks.
  8. In May of 2012, at the Finovate conference, CoverHound demoed their auto insurance comparison shopping engine, which compared quotes from multiple carriers.
  9. In October 2005, Home D閏or Products made a notable acquisition by buying the brand name of comparison shopping engine that exclusively targeted the home & garden market.
  10. Unlike a Comparison Shopping Engine which evaluates prices and feature sets for identical or very closely related products, discovery shopping enables users to tailor product results to suit their preferences.
  11. In March 2015, ElectronicsWeekly . com launched EW Compare, a new comparison tool powered by OEMsecrets . com, a price comparison shopping engine for electronic parts and components.
  12. _Wireless : When Cnet acquired the company MySimon earlier this year, it gained an impressive comparison shopping engine, and it now plans to put that technology onto cell phones and other devices.
  13. In-Store will include elements of both a traditional online shopping mall, with an array of products and featured merchants, and a comparison shopping engine, which allows users to select attributes of, say, digital cameras, then choose from a short list of products that fit the bill.

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